After School / Summer Camp

After School Program
The After-School Program provides varied academic support, recreation, art opportunities, and other enrichment activities. Students have structured activities to maximize learning and positive relationships. This program is design to satisfy the needs of students and help relieve some of the stress homework may bring to them. This program offer age-appropriate learning opportunities, including tutoring and activities to improve math and reading skills, plus recreational activities. Many students are home alone after school. The center provides a safe constructive environment while promoting a healthy beginning to a successful school year. Teachers are always around for academic help, social support and friendship, not to mention, fun!
Summer Camp
Something Fun and Adventurous

We have constructed a summer camp that delivers just what they're looking for: irresistible learning opportunities, and hands-on involvement. Our summer camp program combines songs, exploration activities and learning adventures in a safe, nurturing environment. Science, Nature, Arts, Crafts, Literature, Language, Music, Sports and Games. They have the opportunity to go on various educational and recreational field trips.

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